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Family Mankind is determined to promote strategic collaborations across industries, political and religious affiliations, communities, disciplines, teams, and borders to help us achieve our mission. Our partnerships are based on mutual benefits with individuals, public or private corporations, faith-based and learning institutions, government agencies, and other non-profit or international organizations.

We want our collaborative partners to be seen as caring corporate citizens who give back to the local communities where they live and work. Together, we help showcase to the public the entrenched local support who focuses on delivering cutting edge, multicultural community-based solutions and programs.


We are a black-led organization who serves LMI communities, schools, and incarcerated populations with the most at-risk, vulnerable, dangerous, and violent individuals whose services benefits ALL mankind/humanity for the purpose of saving lives & legacies. When you serve with us, “WE SERVE” the following communities, & many more not listed, who are impacted by domestic violence, child abuse, & bullying such as:

  • Survivors, Victims, & Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence/Terrorism, Child Abuse, Bullying, Sexual Assault

  • At-Risk Youth in ALL COMMUNITIES OF COLOR, Under-served 1 Parent Household, Multicultural, Socio-Economic Deprived Communities

  • Youth Empowerment

  • Individuals with Disabilities

  • Homeless Population


  • Animal Advocates Who Work To Prevent IATC- Intentional Animal Torture & Cruelty

  • Military Veterans & Domestic PTSD

  • Faith-Based Organizations

  • K-12, Colleges & Universities, Specialty, Technical, and Trade Schools, Fraternities/Sororities, School Systems

  • Professional Associations and Affiliates

  • Our Other Individual, Corporate, Government, & Community Partners such as Advocates, Private & Publicly Traded Corporations, All Law Enforcement and Correction Systems

  • Incarcerated and Released Citizens Returning To Our Communities


A partnership with Family Mankind benefits an organization that:

  • Believes in being associated with successful community-based, social justice solutions, innovation, & practical civic, cultural, & multicultural programs to improve the social & emotional learning skills of at-risk youth, survivors of violence, and violent offenders.

  • Their resources will extend beyond just helping Family Mankind, but will touch generations of individuals and families due to the scope of services Family Mankind provides and the collaborations, associations, affiliations, and partnerships that have been established by the leadership, Board Members, and volunteers with Family Mankind.

  • Is looking for a cause with specific, tangible goals, such as our 10 year mission.

  • Wants their support to have significant impact through driving rapid breakthroughs.

  • Is interested in a more strategic end-to-end approach to violence.

  • Wants to align their brand or products to a highly engaged audience.

Find out more about our current corporate partners here, and specific partnership packages here.


The benefits our Non-Profit partners have accrued from working with us include:

  • Making a greater impact to more people and more communities.

  • Critical mass in terms of communications or lobbying influence.

  • Additional awareness of a particular issue.

  • Receiving funding from Family Mankind.

  • Mutual promotion of each organization.

  • Introduction to other partners or collaborators.

Find out more about our current non-profit partners.


Family Mankind is launching the first domestic and international initiatives to drive the permanent eradication of violence agenda in the U.S. & Canada and throughout the world, with alignment to international priorities. The advantages of working with Family Mankind for an international organization are:

  • We want to work with a significant list of international mental health behavioral institutions, agencies, and governments to end the decimation of family and communities.

  • We will be co-launching the Global Violence Exchange (GBX) Global Violence Exchange (GVE) in 2021 and will be hosting further high-profile international domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying meetings.

  • Countries throughout the world have significant expertise applicable to domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying, and Family Mankind can facilitate introductions to specialists in various fields.

  • We support a significant, trans-world consortium, the Family Mankind Collaborative, which is well connected internationally.

Find out more about our current international partners.


If you are interested in becoming a partner of Family Mankind please email us at indicating the nature of your organization’s goals, interests, and our partnership team will contact you shortly.

Or CALL our partnership team on (+1) 833.346.9537 (country code for the United States is +1). For corporate partnerships, see more information here.

Or TEXT our partnership team on (+1) 704.287.0086 (country code for the United States is +1). For corporate partnerships, see more information here.

Find Out How You And Your Company Can Help 
Domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying kills more women and children than wars combined. Our mission is to decrease homicides, suicides, and decimation of our families and communities by supporting our TEN-year survival strategy by 2030 with funding for vital projects, missions, and resources for both adults, children, and animals.

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