We want you! We need you! We can not protect and safeguard the lives and welfare of innocent victims as we are required to in our various roles in life without certain resources. Financial capital is one thing but human capital is priceless! We cannot make the incredible inroads in the minds and behavior of violent and mentally unhealthy individuals without you! Partner with us to end violence, bullying, and abuse against innocent and undeserving people! Start a FAMILY MANKIND™ Branch or Group today! We need your guiding light to bring those individuals out of the depths of darkness and the valleys of the shadows of death. We are looking for Mentours™ and Womentours™ and corporate entities to be change agents to guide children, young adults, men and women in the right direction of life by showing those who are in need how to live a non-violent and abuse-free life while helping provide resources to keep the vision continuously moving forward!

Here is a current list of corporate and individual partners, sponsors, and sustainers:

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