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We are a black-led, mental health, wellness, and human rights services organization, serving low to moderate income (LMI) communities of color. We work with and serve the most at risk youth, domestic violence offenders, sexual deviants, child abusers, and bullies to solve the complex, deep-rooted issues surrounding many types of violence that ultimately destroy the sanctity of families, communities, and legacies of those impacted by violence.

We are focused on the personal safety of harmless, vulnerable, innocent victims, survivors, as well as the mental wellness and behavior of abusers...Trauma Harmers®. Our clients and customers are the abusers and violent offenders of innocent, abused, bullied children, women, veterans, aging adults, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and animals, as well as their victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and bullying! We take society's perceived "throwaways" and turn them into "treasures!" Consequently, we restore equity to the community!



To permanently eradicate domestic violence (DV) and the remnants of DV, such as sexual assault, child abuse, and bullying, by passionately working with DV offenders, sexual deviants, child abusers, & bullies. 



We will save the lives and legacies of innocent victims and victimizers by breaking the generational curses, cultures, cycles of violence, secrets, and silence in the bloodlines of these individuals to preserve the sanctity of the family, while providing equity, restoration, accountability, and mental wellness solutions to ALL of our communities. 


We work with and serve the most at risk and most violent, to protect and serve the most vulnerable and innocent, saving both, and the community they reside, so that ALL citizens can be victorious in their one and only lifetime.


1. Victims - Our innocent, underserved, and most vulnerable citizens and pet animals. We prefer to call them SURVIVORS!

2. Victimizers - Domestic violence offenders, child abusers, and bullies.

3. Villagers - Serving ALL in need for a better community and family preservation.

4. Voyeurs - The Bystanders and Sideliners who are often in a position to help but are conflicted or look the other way!

The first community and client customer we serve is the victim- SURVIVORS! We are speaking of our most underserved, vulnerable, innocent, abused, neglected, disrespected, and bullied children, women and men, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, the disabled, our elderly citizens, and pet animals.

We humbly and respectfully serve the survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying. No one deserves to live under constant threat or fear of death. Victims are boldly stepping forward as HEROIC SURVIVORS to rightfully take claim to no longer being a victim! We want to support them and help them on their journey to happiness, wholeness and wellness.

The second community and client customer we serve is the Domestic Violence batterer, child abuser, bully, and violent offender. We train and help individuals discover the root causes of their dysfunction that makes them violent, while providing them with new life skill-sets and healthy techniques of coping in any relationship. No individual was born to hate or harm themselves and another human or animal. Domestic Violence is a curable issue but offenders must first believe that they can change their mental health in order to permanently change their attitudes and behavior towards themselves and others. We rid these individuals to low to no self esteem and insecurities that are causing them to perpetuate violence.

Lastly, we serve the community and society we reside in by bringing real solutions to domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying. We wish to train and educate the citizens in our community at banks, businesses, schools, colleges & universities, churches, hospitals, detention center, and prison correctional facilities to permanently eradicate generational cycles of violence and abuse. When we accomplish this we will reduce criminal recidivism, homelessness, divorce, intentional animal torture and cruelty, crimes of hate against the LGBTQIA+, individuals with disabilities, the aging/elderly, and ultimately suicide, homicide, and femicide!


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