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Our Services

Family Mankind's Program Details & Requirements:

•  Family Mankind is a communal peer to peer collaborative with the declaration of enabling its participants to "Permanently end domestic violence, by staying mentally well, and helping others achieve mental wellness." WE ARE ENDING THE CYCLES OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

•  Family Mankind is nonclinical, self-supporting, and apolitical. The only participant requirement is a sincere desire to get well mentally, stop abusing yourself, others, & permanently ending the cycle of abuse.

•  Family Mankind rids individuals, families, and communities of deplorable and despicable secrets that are perpetuating violence, creating insecurities, and destroying the beauty of self-esteem, and family.


Family Mankind’s Essential Community Services:

  • Access to Mental & Behavioral Health Services

  • Homeless Prevention

  • Food Insecurity

  • Workforce Development

  • Mentours-Womentours Leadership Programs

  • Re-Entry & Reform

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