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If you have been involved in domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and/or bullying, please consider joining one of our various programs or projects. We want to help you in any way we can so that YOU can be victorious in your one and only lifetime!


3DV Project

A proactive response to “The Chetty Study and Leading On Opportunity Report,” the Project addresses the generations of cycles of violence that underscores a troubling truth about Racial Segregation, Family Stability, and the U.S. criminal justice system: It is possible to get away with abuse if you strategically harm people whose lives are already devalued by society because of the tremendous remnants of slavery. 3DV gets to the root cause of violence with abusers and the solutions to overcome the violence. Our flagship Lifetime Mental & Behavioral Health Management program will save lives and legacies of citizens in our most at-risk Low To Moderate (LMI) communities and correctional facilities. Our victimizers transform from societies’ worst to community treasures adding value to their families and communities.

Family Man

For All Mankind I Love You! Managing Anger And Abuse Now!

Our flagship Lifetime Mental & Behavioral Health Management program that has literally saved the lives and legacies of victims, victimizers, and the citizens in our most at-risk low to moderate communities. This one on one or peer group therapy gets to the root cause of the violence that lies within a domestic violence offender, child abuser, or bully. Our victimizers transform from societies’ worst to community treasures adding value to their families and communities.


Man to Man
Family Man

Family Mankind & Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office Partner To Help & Heal Citizens...Not Handcuffs!​

This lifetime Mental and Behavioral Health transitional program is a loving, nonjudgmental, transparent program purposefully designed to respectfully inspire, encourage, and build our returning citizens (RC) with the appropriate coping skills and life strategies and techniques to help them properly deal with the every day person and situations that arise in their daily lives as they transition from incarceration to post-release.  We are mentally beginning the process of preparing our incarcerated residents to effectively be transformed into equitable and mentally well returning citizens.



Family Mankind is without judgment or prejudice, passionately “Calling In ALL Abusers!” We are not “Calling Offenders Out” because we know “Calling Them Out” only pushes them away from receiving critical mental health solutions, but also pushes them into harming others, and themselves, only to only perpetuate violence and continue the cycles and cultures of violence, silence, and secrets that decimate relationships, communities, and destroys lives, and legacies. This project is designed for customized individual 1 on 1 training and peer to peer group therapy sessions with domestic violence batterers, child abusers, bullies, and sexual offenders. We train and help individuals discover the root causes of their dysfunction that makes them violent, while providing them with new life skill-sets and healthy techniques of coping in any relationship. No individual was born to hate or harm themselves and another human or animal.

Domestic violence is a curable issue, but offenders must first believe they can change their mental health in order to permanently change their attitudes and behavior towards themselves and others. We rid these individuals of low to no self-esteem and insecurities that are causing them to perpetuate violence.




Whether it is on our public, private, or charter K-12 grade schools, or technical, trade, religious, university or college campuses, this program is about changing the cultures of “No snitching as it pertains to bullying; Harboring Secrets such as child abuse, and sexual assault; and Silence to Domestic Violence either as a victim, survivor, or witness to. We will lovingly teach coping skills and healthier life techniques to our youth, and young adults in high school and college. We will effectively put our arms around the victims(survivors), the victimizers(the abusers who are willing to come forward to accept the help whether publicly or anonymously), and the volunteers(the community) who may be in the crowd to support but may actually need the support as well.



This transformative group focuses on tangible ways that SURVIVORS can apply their understanding of trauma, trauma informed practices, peer support, and the particular issues facing adults and youth who have histories of trauma and who have used behavioral health services. We understand peer support is rooted in mutual relationships. The value of self-awareness and selfcare for all participants in peer support is described. Our participants will learn about the importance of shared values, a common language, and taking a culturally sensitive, non-clinical approach to peer support. Specific life skills and coping techniques are utilized that will enable peers to engage adults and youth trauma survivors in a meaningful way. Crucial information is presented to peer survivors to help them work successfully as an accountability partner within the group who are not yet trauma informed. There are discussions of how trauma survivors can become involved in social action and reclaim their power by working for positive change as part of the healing process.

This peer to peer group therapy session deals with the trauma inflicted upon adults and children. An important message within this group is that adults and youth have the right to define themselves and their experiences in ways that have meaning for them. These are individual survivors who have experienced violence and trauma, and have the strength to begin the journey of healing or are in a position to encourage and inspire newer individuals to the group. In the end, it’s important that peer supporters recognize and support each other’s way of expressing their experiences and talking about themselves as part of the healing process.



Artists, Actresses, Actors, Athletes,
Dancers, Directors
“IT”= Violence  “Honey, I promise I will never do “IT” again! Only for “IT’ to hit the repeat cycle! The one guarantee about domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying is that without a proper mental health solution, “IT” is not a matter of if “IT” will happen again, but when “IT” will occur again, again, and again!

The  MADE “IT” Program was designed for the industry of musicians, artists, actresses, actors, athletes, dancers, directors, and entertainers who have taken the stance that they won’t stand for and are fighting for the survivors to stay strong on their journey to freedom and are pulling for the abusers who have decided to come forward to receive mental healthcare to permanently end their violent behavior. These individual influencers have millions upon millions of impressionable people watching their every move and are showing their followers and fans that by taking a stand against domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying you truly care about humanity and saving lives and legacies!

When a person is successful we as a society have always said, “That person made it!” We want to celebrate people who have MADE IT in their chosen professions, but we also want them to have MADE IT in life without the “IT” being violence.


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