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THE FAMILY MAN Book Set For Release

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

The Family Man: Solutions To Permanently Eradicate Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, & Bullying is a book written by A.W. Burgess, a healed domestic violence offender, abuser, & bully for the sole purpose of showing other violent offenders, bullies, and child abusers how to permanently stop committing such horrible and cruel crimes against innocent victims. A.W. Burgess gives a transparent, personal confession to the world about the making of a monster from a partially orphaned Baltimore bastard baby, to the miraculous transformation into a Maryland man, and an eventual Family Man. Burgess discusses the dichotomy and hypocrisy of being a man and an animal in relationships along with being a hero in the public’s eyes but a zero at home with loved ones. He provides simple practical applications of solutions to domestic violence, not just traditional clinical treatment or counseling, that will deliver, heal, and free abusers, and prayerfully their victims, family, friends, community, and humanity from the gripping bondage of trauma, violence, recidivism, generational curses, and torturous DNA bloodlines. Burgess is a change agent charged to lovingly help domestic violence offenders, bullies & child abusers. Burgess believes these abusers will change only after they mentally decide to proactively change their mindset towards violence. He partners with them and those whom they have abused, so others will not be victims or victimizers. He emphatically states that he was not born a monster, but rather was made into a monster!

This manual is about the systemic making, breaking, & restoration of a domestic violence offender & bully while addressing the impact of child abuse; unhealthy environments children are exposed to that consequentially harm innocent individuals; perpetual cycles of violence & abuse; & the destruction of legacies & the community they reside. This how-to heal book is not designed to call victimizers out, but instead, it was made to anonymously call them in to proactively move forward to get the mental health solutions that will lead to living a more fulfilled life, while reducing recidivism & divorce. Burgess gives hope to offenders of all sorts that you can change and stop abusing others.

Burgess is the respectful reply to the #MeToo & #TimesUp movements providing solutions to proactively keep offenders fully accountable & aware of their behavior! He is requiring violent offenders, child abusers, & bullies to submit to their ignorance because what they do not know will hurt others & themselves! Burgess says abuse is in our homes, churches, schools, workplace, synagogues, hotels, elevators, entertainment venues of art, music concerts, movie theaters, yoga spas, bars, clubs, restaurants, military bases, sporting events, casinos, parks, & hospitals. As an abuser Burgess says, you must take control with an aggressive step forward towards a solution or your problems will be stuck in neutral going nowhere, or worse, will be taking many steps in reverse, leading to more significant losses, pain, & more traumatic experiences for ALL mankind!

The greatest regret Burgess has in life was taking too long to get help for his violent behavior, as well as letting someone know family members were harming him as a child. His ignorance, secrets & silence led to his violence towards others & himself. He paid the price for a crime he never committed as a child & ultimately ended up reciprocating that violence to innocent family members & friends. Burgess will spend the rest of his life trying to save lives & legacies of victims & victimizers, so they do not end up perpetuating & experiencing the incredible pains he has! He hopes & prays that this book becomes a powerful resource that frees any individual struggling with the pain of domestic violence, child abuse, & bullying. GET HELP NOW! 1-833-3HOWLER(833-346-9537)

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